Monday, May 3, 2010

There were many wishes but the most importantly was...

"I wish I could celebrate my 21st Birthday with YOU, dczx." Do you know that???? :(

Even if you know, will you fulfill my wish? As you've promised you would celebrate it with me last year. Will you keep your promise? :'(

I know you won't.

Well, lets talk about today. Only Blue could describe everything. I had a super duper bad day today. Feel like crying out loud to the world to let you all know that I'm stressed out, I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm feeling annoyed, I'm bored with everthing. Arghhhhh!!!!

Who will understand???? Will you understand? You are so selfish. Really, I can't imagine how selfish you are. Disappointed and feeling so mad of you. I'm so sick of everything now. *scream*

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