Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry sorry for my very late post again.
I should be posted on the day after the outing.
Oh well, there is nothing to post this month. *sigh! :(
I mean not much things to post.

On 26th of August was my friend's birthday and we gave her surprise on the next day. :D
It considered as a belated birthday surprise.

1. She made her wish. We wish her dreams come true. (:
2. This is our tradition, as long as it is your 21st years old birthday, you have to take out the candle.
3. by using your mouth. LOL! It happened to me too.
4. She was feeling shocked, feeling excited, feeling touched. =P
5. Finally, cut the cake! loves
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At night, I went to Marina bay to catch a movie with some friends.
We watched The Expandable. YEAH! It was AWESOME!!!! ♥
In some parts, it was a little exaggerate though. :D

After movie, we walked and stopped by somewhere to take some silly pictures. It was funny! haha!
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Chao Gay is so gayyyy! hahahah!
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Asung and Chao Gay were so funny! :D
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After taking photos and we walked to XIN WANG HK CAFE to have our supper. Gosh!
I really need to slim down, man! :(
For every 1 main course, we could get this friend wanton for just $2.
It was delicious. it's quite oily though.
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Fish and Chip. ♥
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Tada! It used to be my favourite.
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These two guys were eggholics. hahah!

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That's ALL! :D

PS: Tomorrow is TEACHER'S DAY in Singapore.
Some of my classmates are going to cook their own food. Well, some of them will buy drinks, crackers, bisquits, probably, chocolates.
Are you guys going to celebrate Teacher's Day too?
ENJOY!!! (:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally, I know how to post and upload big size picture!
I love to have big picture in my blog. It's just so AWESOME!
See the previous post I've updated.

I've tried to change the picture size and it looks so AWESOME! :P:P

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've spotted ourselves on STOMP WEBSITE.
I saw Camille with her friend too. :)
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Nick, Gaby and I
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From left to right.
Me, Jo, Ty and Gab.
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Look at my pose here! :D
I breathed in so that my tummy (fats) won't be seen by all of you.
I am failed. D:
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I know I am getting fatter these days. :(
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I really need to do more exercise and sit-up today onwards.


Photos by: Royston Neo
Check it out: http://club.stomp.com.sg/stomp/clubstomp/lust/photo/439884/fresh_party__wavehouse_sentosa.html

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have not been blogging much these days.
How have you been doing guys?

I hate to be away, I hate to leave you guys with no updates and now I can't stop wondering what and where should I start?

There were so many things had happened.

Alright, let me start from Thursday.

I've heard one of my friends said that I ♥ TAIMEI IS NICER THAN KOI.
So I bought it and tried the taste and still, I prefer KOI to I ♥ TAIMEI.
I didn't say it's not nice but I just like KOI more than I ♥ TAIMEI. (No offence, alright!)
Probably, some of you haven't tried it before, you should go and have a try.
Let me know which one do you prefer! Thank you. :)
It is located beside the Durian Stall at Bugis Street.

On the Saturday, Gaby and I went to IKEA because both of us were craving for the MEATBALL so badly.
Oh well, it's kind of far just to have our lunch at IKEA but it was worth it.
Hahaha! I saw Elvin Ng. He was wearing a yellow shirt and short. SPORTY MAN! ♥
Ahhhh... I was like so shy and uber happy. :D

So after that, we went to Cinelesuire to take the so called "PURIKURA". :D
After that, we headed to VIVO and had a cup of coffee.
Oh well, I had double chocolate and Gaby had mocha coffee.
I love my double chocolate more. :p ♥
I know I looked like a ghost. My lips were so pale and I knew that. --"
After that we headed to WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA!!

AND HERE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!

FRESH Party @ Wavehouse Sentosa

I went to change my orange dress to simple tank tops cos I felt better to wear casual than dress. Hehe! :)
We've got in and we have nothing to do there but taking pictures. :D
Ticket fee was S$ 25/person but we have FREE HOUSEPOUR/PERSON.
Do you see the label we wore on our hand? It was BLUE.
So we're not underage. We can drink alcohol and too bad for PINK LABEL.
They can't even drink and smoke. :(
Alright, we continued on our pictures. Pardon me! :)
I love the clouds. ♥ :)
What a funny profile picture on my facebook. :D
I tried to act funny face but it turned up this ugly+funny face.
IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
REDBULL VODKA? Do you wanna have some? :D
Haha! I prefer this anyway. :D
Please don't ask me what's the name cos I didn't remember. hehe
I know it's full of my photos here. I am sorry. :)
I posed like ROSE in TITANIC MOVIE.
I know it doesn't even look good on this photo cos of my stupid pose. :D
Aww.. this guy is handsome! :D
I am going to learn this one day. *excited*
At this event, I've known lots of friends, some Singaporean, Indonesian-Australian, some are French and American.
They are all younger than Gaby and I.
This is the end of today's post.
Hope you like it and enjoy reading it.
Thank you guys. ♥

BYE, peeps!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So yes! we went to Giant Stars 2010 recording at MCS yesterday. :)
While queuing, we were taking some pictures to keep as a memory. :)
After we've reached to the recording room, we couldn't find them. So we tried to wait outside the room and called Audrey for so many times. :D
She said she stunned when she heard I spoke Chinese with her. :D

This time, I met them, we've talked loads. What I meant was the Elves and i were closer than the first time we've met. I am so happy. :)

The Elves.
peiling.juliani.christina (my cousin)
thanks girls for going down with me. :)
After sending peiling off to Bus Stop, we went in to the recording room again for episode two.
We went in and out for some times. It was fun though. :D
We've waited him out from RG, and finally, we saw him. SO HAPPY!
We weren't happy to see Mr. NG but his chio car.
It was funny but fun. :D
He was shocked when he saw us. LOL.
It has been my dream since I saw him on the TV.
To meet him and talk to him. GOSH!
My dream came true. Thanks Elves for accepting me to be one of the Elves. ♥
CANDID SHOT is ♥♥♥♥.
Elvin is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. :)Ah...I LOVE THIS PHOTO TO THE MAX. ♥♥♥Chris.Me.Mr.Ng.Juliani. ♥
Kelly, Elvin and I. ♥
The ELVES and guess who was the photographer? It's him. YES, it's mr. NG. ♥
I had a wonderful and unforgettable moment with Elves and Elvin. It's ♥.
I had a sweet dream last night. awww.. SWEET!!!! ♥♥♥