Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally, I've got my own CAMERA! Yay!
I always wish to have a digital camera so that I would be able to capture every moments with loves one, family and friends.
Yes! I've got it!
Feel so happy and a little regret. 0.o

Well, actually I am still confused what kind of camera suits me. :(
there are many choices for me to choose and I've chosen this but somehow I felt a little bit regret. I prefer SLR camera, to be honest.
It's too late to regret. *stupid girl*
and i believe some people will say, there are another cameras better than this but it's too late.
I've bought this and it's can't be refund.
So just enjoy whatever you've got. Don't be greedy, Mayrine.
SLR will be yours in your future life. (this sentence is for


High Performance Leads the Way.
14.1 Megapixel resolution and large, crisp 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD capture more in your frame.

It's Alive with Color. Bring out the fashionista in yourself with this sleek, slim, sophisticated camera in big, bold, beautiful colors.

Totally same as PowerShot SD1400 IS.

Let's see~

IXUS 130
PowerShot SD1400 IS
Technologies for the Pursuit of the Perfect Image.
Capture each one of your family and friends in every shot with a 28mm Wide-Angle Lens, 4x Optical Zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer.

Shoot Video in HD and Enjoy Easy HD Playback.
720p HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output connector for easy playback of video and photos on your HDTV.

Capture Your Best Shots Easily.
Let Smart AUTO do the work for you by intelligently selecting the proper settings for the camera based on 22 predefined shooting situations.

Creative Effects Take Your Photos Further.
Bring creativity to your photos with new scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect. Plus Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations.

Technologies That Do the Job for You.
New Smart Shutter technology automatically takes a picture when the subject smiles or winks.

That's all for the shortcut features.

For more information, just go to

We tried three photos in the Shop and this is the result.
thanks gaby for the accompany. love you.

colour replacement.
from green to orange and it turns out.
Well, it's not bad. (try to make myself feel better)
The most important thing is I don't really understand what's the differences between PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital Camera and IXUS 130 Digital Camera. I've googled it and I couldn't find a website that could compare between SD1400 IS and IXUS 130. The colours are totally the same as well as the model. The only diff that I've found out is just the name. One is IXUS 130 and another one is SD1400 IS. Hahaha! That's really funny.

IXUS 130
PowerShot SD1400 IS
Does anyone know what's the difference? Tell me if you do. I'll really appreciated it. Thank you so much.

YES! Happy Birthday to Our BEST TEACHER!
Hope you would love the surprises that we've given it to you.

I will upload the pictures as soon as possible.
Stay tuned~

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