Sunday, May 23, 2010

I know it's abit late, but this is the Lollies' 4th Years Birthday Celebration.
It should be posted on 4th of February 2010.
Sorry guys!
Pardon me please...

Well, let's started from these two coconuts. :D
i really love them.
i really do.
i enjoyed every single day with them. I love them as my besties, my sisters, my families. :)
do you guys love me as i do?
anyway, this was our cake. Look! *shake head*
photoshooting first! :D
What a hilarious FACES. Omg!

again? :x
the next day, our room became like shit.
ready to photo shooting, sun-tanning, and playing sea sport?
Yes, we're ready to go now!
However, all we have to do before do all the things we've said, we had to fill something into our stomach so we could be able to do all that. :D

what a nice sceneryIs it true? This is BATAM?
it looks more like BALI. OMG!

There are still long way to go. Just jiayou!
We're looking forward to our future.
Xuly believes that everything will be ended smoothly. Amen.
We promised each other to always remember the moment we've spent together.
Okay, stop the craps. Let's move on! haha! We're reaching soon.
Yes, we've reached. What a nice scene and (pose?). --"
woot! BOSS advertorials. :D
No more advertorial please. :PBefore we go from here, let's have a last photo of three beautiful girls. :p
Yes, we're moving back to the pool.
Guess what happened to us.
We challenged each other to jump, and see who could get a better and nice jumping photos. --"
We separated into two groups.
Lusy, Xuly and Yudya in the same group.
Me and Tynn in the one group.
Let's start!

What a mess three of u. hahah!
Succeed!Come on, look at us first!
We had tried six times but we were not as messy as yours alright. :DIt's Swimming Time~
Tyntyn is SEXY!

Sea Sport session now.
Flying Fish? Who's scared?
They said they're stupid. OMG =="
They're ready to go everyone. :D
Everything will be alright. Yes and Ok!

While waiting for them to play the flying fish, we took this beautiful lady a photo and it turned out pretty good.
Er... I have no comment on this photo.
RELAX on the Shelter. What a nice place to lay down and sleep.
Bye everyone! Hope you enjoy yours too. :)

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