Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chili with the Lollies

What can I say about the food. It tastes like heaven. HEHE!
Although it's expensive, the food was awesome.

It was my first time tried nachos except for the nachos that I bought from cinema. HAHA!

Pork Rib (my favourite) 

We spent more than hundred but really satisfied. 
I am sure I will come back again when I earn more money. :)

Love is everywhere

Sometimes we feel it, sometimes we don’t; but we always need it, we always crave it.

Don’t look for love, let love do the looking. It’s always out there, sometimes it’s hidden, but be patient, it will find you.

Always remember that you still have your family & friends' loves. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sentosa Day with my Besties

The next day we went to Sentosa and have fun! 
We laughed like nobody's business. 
Whenever I am with them, I can laugh so loud, real loud. 

We played Luge and Skyride. It was fun and it was my second time to play L&S. :)

Real nice scene. :p
We are ready for the LUGE! *YAY*

After that, we went to USS. haha. 
Of course just the outside of USS. :D
Why are we here? Hmm.. As what you can see, we are here to take pictures. :P

After that, we went for dinner at CHILI before sending them off. 
FYI, it's really our early dinner.

Stay tuned!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mandarin Orchard Hotel with the lollies

Rustin and Yudya came Singapore to visit US (Xuly and I) HAHAHA
This was happened on July but I just update now, because I busy with my study and work. :)
So happy that they came here. <3

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Enjoyed my day and with them SO MUCH!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Advertorial ♥


Hello readers!
I am back and I am here to share you something.
Something special !


so let's start!

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I like this Turquoise Cape w Sew in Black Top cos it's just so unique.

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This pink dress is sweet right? I like it too.

I personally like this Toga Polka Dots Dress. It is simple, sweet and this can be worn at any occasions. :)
Besides dress, there are tops, bottoms and accessories.

rawr. cool right?
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