Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Chinese Birthday to Me

Yes, Happy Chinese Birthday to myself. It should be Happy Belated Chinese Birthday. Lol~ Last Tuesday was the exact date of my Chinese Birthday.

Sad sad sad.. Granny said she would cook for me the Chili crab next weekend cos she went back to Batam for 2 weeks. I really really hope she would cook for me as in that was she promised me. Alright, I believe she will. :) Anyway, she will be back on next weekend. I will be missing her so much. Hehe. *blush*

Tomorrow is family day, mommy and brother could not come due to my mom is too busy to getaway. *sigh* for that reason, those ticket I'm gonna enjoy with my aunt and uncle with their two little kids. However, I am still hoping to enjoy with my mom, bro, granny and granpa. :(
Whatsoever, as long as is family, my aunt, uncle and cousins are considered as my family too. loves. Gonna enjoy to the max.

Just now, Yanti and i went shopping, we bought lots of things. Faint*
I am going to bankrupt soon. --"
well, for me, that's lots. :(
Photo taken while in the fitting room. lol~

I can't wait for tomorrow. gonna be so packed of people I guess. Yoiiiii.. Must wake early in the morning. Ahhh.. I'm gonna sleep now. Good night everyone. :)

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