Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hola! I'm back, peeps.
How's your weekend doing people?

I've spent my weekend with my lady boss, colleagues, mother, relatives and besties. =="
Today is 9th of May 2010, there are 3 people in my family and/or relatives birthday which are my Mother, my Auntie who lives in TBK and my cousin (Corwin Teo) .
and at the same time today is Mother's Day.

Wish My Mom, Aunt and Kaiwen have a wonderful day today. xP

Mommy... I hope you enjoyed the surprise that we've given it to you. :)
I will post all the photos once I'm free alright :)

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day.

Some people said that why people keeps posting "Happy Mother's Day and I LOVE YOU MOM". Does anyone only love your mother today?

Luckily, I am not only post it today. So I don't feel offended by their words.

From here I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to his Mom.
Well, actually I've bought his mom favorite's foods which are coffee powder and peanut candy.

I would like to give it to his mom later but was feeling so embarrased to go there as in I'm just her son's FRIEND. *sigh!

After reached home, I took a rest for a while and we celebrate it together with our granny and auntie.

Happy Mother's Day to Granny and all my Aunts :)

Ah ma with her 2 little grandchildren. They are very naughty but they are ah-ma dearest grandchild. Umm..

My aunt and her husband with their 2 little naughty kids. :p

Family Photo? No... Ah Kong is still in Batam so it's not consider a family photo. :D

Supposed to cut the cake with my aunt but her son said just let me replace for my mom. It should be okay he thinks. We all laughed out loud. ==''

Alright, I'm here to wish every mothers, "Happy Mother's Day".

P.S: be fillial not only for today but everyday. :)

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