Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gonna be a good night!
Here I am to say supportive words to my smelly. No, it's not mine but it was mine. :)
He's my smelliest friend ever. :p

He's going to fight for his future tonight. JIAYOU ORH!!! :)

I've sent him a msg this morning and I hope from my jiayou, he could get a HD. Is that the highest score? hmm...

Jiayou, smelly. I believe you can do it very well cos you're the smartest guy for me.
ILY! :(

Well, I am in my hometown now. Hahaha..
How are you going to spend your weekend, peeps?
Tomorrow is going to be my mother's birthday and at the same it is mother's day.
How are you going to celebrate Mother's Day with your beloved Mother?

I will be giving her surprise tonight.
I hope she would get the surprised and feel happy. :)



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