Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sometimes, even when I try and do something good, it still turns out bad. Am I really that terrible?

When I was really sick and there wasn't anybody to take care of me. I did take care of myself well. :(

I admitted that I'm such a careless person but I really try to avoid this carelessness of me. Sorry!

Will you try to put yourself in my shoes?

You've just made me feel so terrible about myself.

On the other hand, i wanna say thank you that you've made me realize I need to try even harder to take care of myself.

As a friend, you must be very disappointed, am I right?
Once again, I feel so sorry to make you worry and disappointed.

I tweeted "Does anyone know how to take care of yourself?" and Winnie told me that when you love yourself more than anyone else and you will know. So is it the way to learn how to take care of yourself?

I'm not supposed to double post my blog but later when I've thought about it, i feel so bad and feel so guilty.

As what I've ever mentioned before, when you love someone or want something, just say it out. Let the people know that how's ur feel and what do you want. :(

So all you want is seeing that i have known how to take care of myself well so you won't be always worrying about me, am I right?

To be honest, if you didn't tell me, I don't even know what's the reason that caused this relationship doesn't work well. :(

Did I always make you worry about me during work and even after work? I feel so bad. Sorry!

I was wondering why is it so hard to try to understand you? As in you always keep things in your mind and your heart. Never let other ppl know how you feel. How could ppl know and understand?

Smelly, not all the ppl are smart enough to read ppl's mind. Even yourself right?

Actually, what's really going on in the relationship? I thought we keep quarelling about those stupid things which had made you so bored and sick of me. :(

Chance to love me back? After all this happened. Do I still have a chance? Seriously, I don't dare to expect too much.

Well, I'm not going to crap so much here.
I'm feeling extremely happy now. We are going to meet up soon on the next Saturday. Yay!

I'm so happy..... I know I'm silly.
Cheers and jiayou for your studies okay! :)



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