Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last night, I've got my PAssion Ez-link Card and I've used it this morning for taking MRT. :D
To be honest, what's PAssion ez-link card?
Oh, it's a card for us to start rejoicing in life! Ya ya, I'm so excited!
I can enjoy great discounts* off courses and activities available at all Community Clubs and other PA Units such as Water-Venture Outlets and Outward Bound Singapore. Futhermore, look out for exclusive discounts at more than 900 Passion Merchant outlets and experience the new e-payment features at Community Clubs, transit retail and motoring services providers.

As an added incentive and to encourage cashless payment, Members who make e-payment using the new PAssion ez-link Card at CCs will ENJOY a further 2% off Member's Rate on PA courses/activities*.

From April 2010, earn Loyalty Points at: Cold Storage, shop n save, Giant, Guardian.
In addition, Members who pay with your PAssion ez-link Card will earn ez-rewards Points at:
People's Association, Timezone, SMRT and last but not least Donut Factory.

For more information, please logon to

It's really worth!
Let's enjoy the discounts, experience the easy contactless card payment and earn the points!

Get one for yourself peeps. :)

Good Night!

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