Friday, August 2, 2013

Darren Kwah's Birthday 2013

CELL 4200 mAH Powerbank.

I am so lucky. They said there's something called daddy's luck. However, I think there's mommy's luck too yeah. You know what? I've won a CELL 4200 mAh powerbank by liking and sharing a page. 

Check this out!

They said they will contact me and I will need to go down and collect the powerbank.
Guess what?

It's CELL 4200 mAH Powerbank
Finally, I can say bye bye to my old portable charger.
 The back of the powerbank.

Loving the thin and light, especially...
 Yes yes especially the touch screen yeah. 

Do you want to be the next winner?
It is easy, super easy!
Just by LIKING and SHARING the page!
That's it!

Like & share Lifetech Asia now now now!
Like & share Lifetech Asia now now now!
Like & share Lifetech Asia now now now!