Thursday, May 27, 2010

Probably, One of The Greatest Weekend.
Yes, it was!
So here I am, peeps.
Finally, I can upload all of the photos.
It takes me plenty of time to do so

Hola, everyone.
Does anyone know how did I spend my weekend?

Probably, some of you might have known that on Saturday, I went to my teacher's birthday party. Well, it was not the exact day of his birthday and it was actually the exact day of Ade's birthday.

We enjoyed the foods together. It was more likely a gathering party for me. All of my ex-classmates all came and had fun together like before.

It was one of the best weekend and tiring day for me. Can you imagine I woke up at 6am just to have Breakfast Deluxe at Mc Donalds which I've mentioned in the previous post?

Well, there are lots of photos but I only upload some of them and i chose only the best photos. :p

we've reached Stu's house and guess what? Taking photo was the first thing to do.

JAKE (Nichols)
beautiful people. :)
Hadi, you're so shy. --"
what a candid look. :p
Please SMILE, Hadi.
Hadi, please SMILE.
ilovegabyfrederika so much. she's just great friend of mine. :)
with Hadi. He's one of my good friend. :D
they are my friends, great friends. loves
I definitely like this. yes, they are my new friends. Nice to know you.
Sri and me.
cheers everyone :p
what a classic look. :X
i love my smile in this picture. :p
Took pictures with beautiful peoples. :)
I've got bullied by this little boy. --"
Get caught by me to take picture. :p
who called you to shoot me by using your water gun. lol
It's my turn with Didi to showtime. :D
I've found out that Jake is getting older. x: (I'm just guessing btw) haha
This is candid. Cool!
Thom with Jake (Nichols)
It's my turn now. :p
let's toast with our teacher. :p

My birthday? Of course not. :D
Preparing for giving surprise. (yeah)
Start to announce to everyone. :D

Thanks to Stu. Thanks so much, teacher.
The SHOCK face. :D

That's so kind of them. so loving. :p

Got a strawberry from Ade. Love it. Thanks Ade. ^^

colorful us. pinkie, blue
He's cute, isn't he?

The World's Best Teacher AWARD is for you. Yes, it's Stu!
On the next day, I went out with Yanti, but before went out with her.
I've eaten a bowl of Mishua because normally, Chinese believes that when you have it, you will live longer one year each year. D:
Honestly, I don't even know how to explain in English.
English sucks. :(
had fun with those little cousins before met up with Yanti.
Inti ii is pregnant and her baby will be born next month. can't wait to welcome the little baby from heaven to this world. :)Yes, before went out from house, I ate this gorengan bought from Inti ii's husband. Very delicious! :D
We had fun. shopping. we've bought two tanktops and there is one which we bought from New Look. Purple is one of my love. Kya~

We were like so candid, do you think so?
How I wish this was my room. Keke!
Tried this simple casual dress. I love the colour which suits my shoes, but I didn't buy it. :(
while waiting for Yanti, I went to The Face Shop to update my facial wardrobe. :p
I've bought a collagen Eye Patches for around S$49.50/- and a eye cream for S$ 29.90/-
It's damn expensive, isn't it?
However, I've got 4 free Masks and 2 tester for facial foam.
Well, I've spent more than one hundred so I've got The Face Shop Membership for a lifetime.
Give it a try for the mask before sleep.
Sometimes, we need to pamper our faces just to make ourselves stay young. :p
TGIF tomorrow and it's Vesak day. Perhaps, most of us will have a long weekend huh.
Well, of course I don't have. :(

Whatever it is, I'm here to hope you enjoy your long weekend, peeps!


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