Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is the meaning of a Best Friend?
(A to Z)

A:) Accepts you as who You are
B:) Believes in You
C:) Calls You just to say "Hi"
D:) Doesn't give up on You
E:) Envisions the whole of You
F:) Forgives Your mistakes
G:) Gives unconditionally
H:) Helps You
I:) Invites You Over
J:) Just to be with You
K:) Keeps You close at heart
L:) Loves You for who You are
M:) Makes a difference in Your life
N:) Never judges
O:) Offers support
P:) Picks You up
Q:) Quiets your fears
R:) Raises Your spirit
S:) Say nice things about You
T:) Tells You the truth when You need to hear it
U:) Understands You
V:) Values You
W:) Walks beside You
X:) Explains things You don't understand
Y:) Yells when You won't listen
Z:) Zaps You back to reality
Thank you for being my best friends.

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