Saturday, May 22, 2010

Woke up at 7am just for fulfilling our craving for Breakfast Deluxe this morning.

it was taken when I was on the way to Compass Point's Mc Donald.
Stopped by just for taking picture of COLORFUL ME. :P

Finally, we've reached Mc Donald and we've ordered Breakfast Deluxe. Heaven! :O

My cousin asked for more Butter and one of the staffs really gave us this much.Alright... I need to finish up my work first.
Later we'll be going to Stu's Party and today is Ade's Birthday.
Happy Birthday to Him.
I was thinking of giving him a surprise.
Not sure whether they want to give him a surprise.

Whatever it is.. Happy Birthday Ade. :)

I will update and upload all the photos asap.
Stay tuned~

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