Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello peeps, a few days shy my 21st birthday. :)
I want to buy a decent camera for myself as my 21st birthday gift, however, I don't know what model should I buy? Um~
*so confused*

Not only camera that I wanted to buy for myself as a gift but I've just bought myself an army green Jacket and Shoes. Love to the max. I love army green to be honest.
I always want to buy this kind of Jacket and finally, I've got it. :)

When should I wear them? Hmm..
I've got a gifts from a Korean friend.
NANO-NANO is loved

I've bought lots when I were in Batam last weekend.
Apple Cramble Cake
from a colleague. what a nice person she is. :)

she knows that iloveapple :D

Back to the topic, does anyone know which model should I buy? Um...
Nikkon? Sony? Canon?

Any ideas, peeps?

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