Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakout Roadshow at West Mall

Thank you for everything! ♥
Kel, RB, Huiyun and Aud.
*excited* when I saw the time is getting fast that day cos it's time for me to be able to meet Elvin Ng. ♥
What did we queue for?
Of course this one!
Yes, the redemption of Breakout Passes.Yuting, Esther and Yvonee.
Remember to turn on Channel 8 on 6th damage.
This is the ticket!Jason and HuiYan
3 of them
DYT's fans
Elvin Ng's Fans! :P
Handsome BEAR! :P
Thank you Kelly and Huiyun for folding the rabbits and flowers.
1223 rabbits and 99 flowers. ♥
So cute! ♥
That's the end of the post! ♥
Enjoy your day, peeps! (:

PS: Thank you so much the wonderful Saturday, E and e. ♥

Do leave any comments/tags before you leave this blog. ♥

Monday, November 29, 2010

My 爱心 Sandwiches

These are the ingredients that I need to make my 爱心 sandwiches.
It's indeed very easy to prepare, but it takes 2 hours to finish it.
First, I need 10 minutes to de-freeze a packet of chicken sausages (hotdog) *no picture*
Second, I need to cut them into small pieces like in the above photo. (for around 8 minutes) *no picture*

Third, I need another 20 minutes to cook them.
In this case, I used oven to cook it.
After cooked. =D
There are more than these. I mean the sausages were more than in this picture.
Some of them didn't get the chance to be taken into the picture. Haha! I know I am lame. =D
Four, I need to mix the sausages with mayonaise.
Five, place the cheese onto every breads.
Six, if you love chilli, you can apply it on your bread.
Seven, bake the sandwiches
I.simply.like.this.picture.taken.by.me Eight, cut it.
Nine, put them into the boxes.
Ten, eat them. (:
Look nice doesn't mean taste good, but I am sure, it will definitely taste good. =P
I hope it tasted good anyway. =D
Breakout Roadshow will be posted tomorrow.
Stay tuned~

PS: sorry guys, my English is indeed really suck. Please help me to fix it, if you don't mind.
Thank you so much. (:

Sunday, November 28, 2010


As what I've promised you all, check it out my blog again on Sunday.
I am here to update the FUNaMANIA at Zouk.

I heard from Dorothy, Korean Singers, se7en were there too.
Wow, whoever saw them are indeed lucky. hehe! (:

This is the code of the game that we supposed to send to the number that they given us.
Who is the first sent it to the number then he/she is the winner.
Guess who won it?
Yes, she was the one! Our beloved Dorothy.
She is lucky! (:
Audrey and I.
Kelly and I.
Another game! Man VS Woman!
They were given 5 glasses, a super tiny glass/cup, a bottle of alcohol, and 5 different F&N Sparkling drinks.
They needed to mix a little bit of alcohol (I guess it was vodka) in every glasses and 5 different F&N Sparkling drink. Whoever finished the fastest, they won! :)
Do you want to guess who was the one got it, guys? =P
Haha! The man who won the prize. ;)
I only know Paige. She's awesome! She's beautiful...
Photo was taken from Aud's photo album.
I like this to the max. He must be very tired that day, but still he's looking good.. :)
This is also taken from Aud's photo album.
I like Jesseca Liu. She's beautiful.
One thing you will realized after looking at this picture, she's getting prettier, isn't she? (:
DYT! He's looking good too. (:
Elvin, Yvonne and DYT.

Sharon is lucky~ awww...
So sweet picture!
These two lucky girls. Group photos! I love them!
I was so tired but to be honest I am happy. (:
This girl was lucky cos she won a 6D4N Korea Trip.
Thank you Elvin. (:
I love this picture to the max.
So far, this is the most favourite picture of mine.
Sorry *candid*
Last but not least, this is the group photo and I love this photo and of course the people inside the photo too. (:
That's all.
Come back again, guys.
There are more interesting posts tomorrow. =P
Enjoy your Sunday, peeps.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harvey Norman 9th Anniversary

I'm here to update the 9th Anniversary of Harvey Norman.
The event was held at Millenia Walk.

The first photo of that day. :p
The Elves! (:
Don't you think this below picture is very artistic? =P
ORB won the umbrella. :)
Dorothy won the speaker. It was her mother's birthday present. :P
PS: I'm just back from Zouk & Giorgio. So tiring!
It was awesome and the most importantly was FUN!
I will update more about it tomorrow.
Alright, it's time to prepare the breakfast for Elves now.
It's 4am in the morning! (:
Today is the special event that I've mentioned few days ago, remember?
If you want to know what is that, then come back again on Sunday! =)
Enjoy your weekend, guys!