Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple yet memorable

It was my birthday two days ago and I thought ff has forgotten about my birthday but to my surprise, he was the first one wished me and sang birthday song to me this year when the clock strikes 00:00!
I was stunned and happy about it! I'm thankful for that! 
This year it's the first year my precious celebrated my birthday with me. 
It's the second year ff celebrated with me. 
Last year was the most memorable and it was the biggest surprise I've ever had before. 
Although this year is simple, it's still memorable because our precious Marcholl is with us! (:
 I know it's unglam and i look extremely old like an old lady. sobs.
Still making a wish hahaha.
I wish my grandma, grandpa, momo, dad  and bro will be happy as always, getting healthier and stronger.
I wish my little family will be happy together and spend every year of our birthday together. xoxo
 Hi, that's him! He's the little precious, Marcholl. <3 p="">
 No make up, no filter. I look so messy and ugly. Gosh!

 Just so you know, Marcholl loves taking photo too. Look! He was looking at the camera. :D
 Posing somemore. =D

On the actual date, I mean in the evening, we went to Jcube for dinner. 
FF and I really enjoy food together, we eat like a pig and sleep like a pig. 
*he's trying to pretend that he's cold, but failed right?* hahaha
 Everyday I have not enough sleep. Look at my puffy eyes!
 So yeap, we went to Manna Story for dinner. 
 Look at my background. Looks so cool man!
 The side dishes are served. 
And these are the side dishes that I've mentioned on instagram. 
 My ff.
 I really love Korean utensils.
 This pic was mainly to show you all that the side dishes top up were just right beside me!
 Yesyesyes, the side dishes are free flow.
 This is the Kimchi Beef Soup, on the menu they stated with Korean so I can't remember all and yeah, I translated in English with my own understanding. Opssie.
 BBQ Beef with Glass noodle. Taste sweet. 
 Bimbimbap beef. My ff's favorite.
 Just a plain rice with egg soup.
 After the meal, we had our desserts at Marble Slab. Creamery.
It was served by Yuting. It's been quite sometimes since I met her. (:
After the dessert, we went for movie. We caught IRON MAN 3. YAY! Like finally, we thought, we wont have the chance to catch it but luckily my grandma in law took care of Marcholl on my birthday night. 
Thank you man! (:

Oh yes, did I mention I actually complain to ff that my bff didn't surprise me with cake this year?  
I complained after we went back from dinner and I thought maybe she's busy but actually nope, she wanted to surprised me on the day of my beeday. However, ff and i went to Jcube so she surprised me yesterday night. 

Although it's already a belated birthday surprise but I am so delighted and thankful for it. 
She came down all the way from her office just to surprise me. 
Thank you so much Xuly, love you to the max.
She bought one of my favorite cake. #awfullychocolate
 I look like crappppp! Gosh! I need to go for a jog or something!
Arghhh, I  really need to do something to my body and hair!!

 Friendship never ends, i love you!

It was really a simple yet memorable birthday this year. 
Thank you to all of your well wishes and blessing, friends! 

with love, 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Two weeks ago, we brought Marcholl to Baby Spa, but before that ff and i went for a dinner at Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine.
We missed their food so much and we waited for 1 hour for their 5pm operation. 
We forgot that they have their timing for their business.

We spammed photos cos I have a new camera as my beeday gift and it was from ff!
Thank you baby! lovesss
YAY finally the light is on!

The menu

The milk tea is finally here...
Thai Milk Tea is yumyum.
The utensils
The food we ordered!
The Thai Milk Tea

Mango Salad topped with the slice fried cuttlefish
Fried Egg w/ Onion
Kangkung Belacan
Clear Tom Yum Goong
Green Curry

Okay bye everyone!

Enjoy your weekend ahead!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taurus baby ♥ ♥

Give me some surprises on my birthday baby, .

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday and Advanced Mother's Day