Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lollies 5th Birthday

It's been more than 5 years, we've known each other and still counting.
This birthday celebration is supposed to celebrate for the 6 of us but the other member was in another island so yeah, there's no choice, so the 5 of us celebrated on her behalf.
Whatever it is, I enjoyed the day spent with them.

I am really glad that our friendship is still as strong as before.
I never ask for more, but God is great. He gives me a bunch of laughter from my family & friends.

Well, it's another birthday for the lollies.
The birthday celebration was held in one of the restaurant at Barelang.
The breeze of the sea and the outstanding scenery makes me forget those unhappy things.
The people I love just simply makes my day.
This is where they get and choose the crabs that the customers want.
They have a pretty good service anyway, cos they choose one by one, as per customer preference.
These are the crabs that we chose.
The 4 thumbs described the greatness of something incredibly cool.
Gong gong. I ain't really sure what's that called in English. Perhaps, it's called snail or something.
It's just something cool to have a group photo here!
Lou Hei with the Lollies is a MUST in every CNY.
Yup, we're ready for the lou hei session.
Hope for the best and hope for the long lasting friendship. =)
The 5 of us ordered 7 dishes and we're actually finished the 6 dishes. *proud of ourselves*
The coconuts can't be left out when having seafood.
It's just something great to have when having seafood, it has a magic to cool you down.

The look of the 5th Birthday Cake.
We sang the birthday song, blown the candles and last but not least, cut the cake.
Just to get another nice background for the group photo. =)
The 4 of us took the photo with one of the lollies member's mommy.

The Green Hornet time~ *watched for the second time* hehe..
Popcorn and green tea are always my choice when I'm going for the movie in Batam.

PS: In life, happiness is important cos happy people are often feel good. That is a worthwhile reason why happiness is important all by itself.

If you have my facebook, perhaps you've read my status, regarding the cheerful and optimistic.
I posted "Today is a lucky day for those who remain cheerful and optimistic."
and a friend of mine which is my brother (well, no blood related) said something which I've never thought before.
"Everyday is a lucky day for those who remain cheerful and optimistic." - Shi Ming.
It pretty much makes sense though.

I should have thought of that cos you know cheerful people are often luckier, seriously.

Happiness and optimism go together. Optimistic people see bad things as temporary and good things as permanent. Their positive expectation of good things helps them see and act on options and opportunities faster. There is a saying, you get what you look for. Optimists look for opportunities for a good outcome. They tend to see opportunity more frequently and they are more likely to make lemonade when life gives them lemons.

Enjoy your weekend ahead peeps.
Remember to stay optimistic and cheerful.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tiko RB's 21st Birthday.

I was invited to a super duper tiko (pervert) girl's 21st birthday celebration 2 weeks ago.
Haha, okay, I was kidding about the tiko (pervert) word.
She is simply lovely. Well, it's not surprisingly that she has a fun-loving family, a cute dog, a good boyfriend and of course, a bunch of AWESOME friends like us. haha..
Whatever it is.. It was a wonderful night.
It's not only a birthday celebration, but it's kind of a gathering of elves too.
Thanks for inviting my dear. :)
Which way will you choose?
There are always coconut trees around the beach.
Wah, the wind was so strong but nice. =P
the friendship is as strong as the wind.
Group photos...
Audrey and Huiyan.
Wah..Otah otah.. *slurp*
This picture below shows Audrey and Yuting were busy on choosing their foods.
Huiyun looked at Kelly and I curiously with her left eyebrows up.
Huiyun: "What are the two of you doing?"
Kelly and I: "Smile in front of the camera."
Yuting, Aud, RB and Huiyun.
So many foods
I was craving for satay few weeks back and I was so happy when I saw the satay. *drools*
My all time favourite~ SUSHI..
it makes me hungry whenever I saw the foods.
Her cute dog. =P
So cute, seriously. I mean the dog, not me.
This is damn cool.
Kelly's hardwork. =)
See, what I've told you, I was too happy to see satay.
(it's just the close-up shot of the satay)
a beautiful, well-designed cake I've ever seen with my eyes so far.
Normally, I saw those great, well-designed cakes/cupcakes in the pictures.
The birthday girl with her beloved bf.
This is what I mentioned, haha..
Kelly is just as cute as the cake. *oopss* =P
Before taking the jump-SHOT. It was hilarious whenever I think of that word.
I accidentally pronounced it wrongly.
Ok, 1...2...3... JUMP!
Okay, forget about the jump session, let's make some nice and good looking love shape.
Do our loves well-shaped?
The free styles.
6 Flowers...
Can you actually see the difference between the cow and I? *stupid question* =P
It's just simply awesome.
I enjoyed the moments with them.
It's another weekend again. May you all have a wonderful one ahead.