Monday, May 17, 2010

I am glad that I could meet up with them for my birthday treat.

This trip back to Batam, I didn't take much photos with some of my babes, except Xuly Soh.
While waiting for them to finish up their K-ing, we took some photos to kill our boredom

with Hu5keRs (Mulyono Tan) again, we found something interesting to take a pic.

I found out that the KTV room that we rented was number 21.
It refers to my age alright. :(
Yes, I'm 21 years old now. Finished playing with the camera, rest for awhile and waiting for them to finish K-ing.
Bored. :(
We decided to go level 1 for gossip-ing.
Well, it's sharing alright. hahah!
When we looked around the bar, we saw one interesting Machine which is Yogurt Machine.
Then we ordered one cup to share.

Yes, yogurt is one of my favorite dessert.
After finished our yogurt, Xul's Boyfriend came and we asked him to took photos for us.
After Inul Vizta, we went to Xiang Xiang for my dinner treat.

Cake that Hu5keRs and Lollies gave it to me. Thanks :)
Happy Birthday to Me. :p
Let's make a wish.


Xuly asked me to take out the candles individually by using my mouth
Finally, I've got to cut the cake. Enjoy!
I feel blessed!
Thanks to all my classmates and Friends who did so much for me.
Not forgetting to those who wished me through facebook and sms. I've read every single one of them but sorry I couldn't reply individually.

Once again, thank you so much guys! :)

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