Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember that I've posted about Junko Furuta before?
I was talking to one of my friend about this story. She cried and she read half of the story, she stopped reading it. She said it was ridiculous and I tell her that her killers are now free men.
Well, probably it's none of my business but I am really sorry for Junko. She was so beautiful but ended up, she was tortured by those bad and ridiculous guys. SAD! This is truly sad! :'(

Don't forget that her killers are now free men.

Go and check it out Junko Furuta now!

After read the story of Junko Furuta and if you think that Junko Furuta didn't deserve that tortures, click here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am going to delay the post of Day 04 to this Friday.
I am here to show you all a very interesting fact? Probably! (:
Is that true?
Comment if you have something interesting to share.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 03 – A picture of what you I did today.

I am at home the whole day just to finish a novel that I've borrowed from Gaby. So yes, I've just finished reading it. The title of the book is The Notebook. Seriously, this is a must read book. The story is so touching. They made the notebook into a movie too. Watch it on YouTube guys! (:


It's time for dinner!
Hope you enjoy your dinner guys. (:
Take care.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 02 – A picture of what you I wore today.

I don't like to dress up, well, probably sometimes I'm dressing up like put on some mascara and blush on I guess. I often just go out without any make up. *sigh! I'm lazy. Haha!

Anyway, I am wearing a simple dark gray sleeved dress and black colour flip-flop today. Not forgetting the accessory of the day (black and white hat) :p


I'll be staying at home after work later. Duh.. How sad, but it's okay, guys. Enjoy your weekends, kk? ♥

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 01 - A picture of yourself myself

Do you remember the 30 Days Picture Challenge I posted in June?

I said on my previous posts that I was going to start on the day after Thursday but I forgot about it. Anyway, shall I just start on this Friday? I guess so. =P

So here it is! (=
Okay, I know I look so fat and you-know-i-know the so called *act cute* mode on! hahaha but it's alright k? (:


Take care everyone! Have a wonderful weekend ahead. ♥

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i miss you Pictures, Images and Photos

I need them to give me advice.
I need some motivation from them.
I need their loves.
I need their care.
I truly appreciate them as my besties.
I love them.
I miss them.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello, how's everyone weekend? :P
I was having BBQ last night with some of my friends at Sophie's House.
It was an awesome night seriously. We talked and played some games together till late at night.
Not all the people stay back late though.

Despite the 2 hours waiting for Anh and Ade, it was awesome afterall! (:
Thanks for coming down, Ade. :)

So while waiting for them, we went to NEW LOOK for window shopping. =p
I've tried two pairs of high heels but I didn't take any picture of it. :(

First of all, pardon me for uploading slideshows in this post cos we've taken too much photos. Anyway, I didn't post all of them. I've chosen some of them to upload here.

PS: I didn't drink at all, the photos that I've taken was when I pretended to be drunk. :p


We had chicken pie.
Chicken Pie. :D
Bak Gua from Sophie's Mommy.
well, I don't know who made this but it tasted good.
Fruits for desserts were just so awesome!
Dragon Fruit.
Grapes is one of the fruit I love the most. :D
We have some Russian Fruit Salad too.
Russian Fruit Salad
I brought this chocolate cake to the BBQ Party but it was not many people had or even try it, I guess. :(
Kate bought Pork! I didn't try it at all. :(
I bought 4 packets of sausages. Kinda scary! D:

So first of all, teacher was the one who marinating the meats (Beef and Chicken Wing) that he bought that day. Delicious! :)
after that, I am the one who marinated the chicken I bought and sausage too. It tasted delicious too. :p
I love this chicken so much! HEHE! :p
BBQ Chicken

Sorry for being bad person and make all of you hungry after reading my post. :)

**I am sorry for editing the post too. =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry for my late update, this was how I celebrated my birthday this year.
My birthday was in the month of May but I post it today as in I've just gotten some of the photos from Dave just now. Well, so let me start!

I celebrated my birthday on exactly my birthday date and just two of us which was my birthday wish last year. (:

This is me, I know my face is so fat and big. :(

So before we went to USS, we had our so called "brunch" in Swensens, Vivo.

We ordered a super large pasta for 2 person. However, it was like for 3 or 4 people. :D

Anyway, I was too excited about the pasta cos it was too much for us. In the end, we didn't finished it. What a waste right? :(

We ordered some finger foods too. What I love the most is the Calamari and the cheese stick! Not forgetting the fried prawn too. Love it!

That's all for today's post. LOL!
Anyway, my birthday's post hasn't ended yet. Stay tuned guys! Loves!

PS: there are still lots of photos need to be uploaded. I am still waiting for some other photos that we've taken when we were in USS. Duh... He's too busy to send me those photos. *sigh! :(
Have a nice weekend guys. Take care!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big kiss to all of you!
May you have a wonderful weekend ahead. ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advertorial ♥

Have you ever heard about FONDREY?
It's a start-up by Lynn & Christina and assisted by James.

What I like about Fondrey?
It's their maxi dress
I really love this maxi dress on their second collection. I bet you all will love it too after see this! (:
It's sold but restock is available! So girls, don't wait anymore!

Also, I ♥ their best selling dress.
Yes, it's their Ribbon Lace Dress.
Don't you think it's really comfortable and awesome to wear this dress for partying?
It's sexy and it will show your curve on your body! Grab it now girls. It's a best selling dress, remember? (:

Another third collection I like which is their Sheer Dotty Blouse!
It is a very convenient blouse to wear for shopping or you can even wear with your bikini to the beach! It's a good buy! (=

Anyway, fondrey - collection four has launched and do your shopping there while stock last. (:
Just click on the picture below!
Girls, if you join Fondrey's Mailing List now, you will become their YOURS FONDLY member and enjoy FREE Normal Mail Postage for All Purchase!

So what are you waiting for?

Do visit and shop at Fondrey now!
Here is the link:
Don't forget to join their facebook page for more updates and feedbacks!
They even have blog. What an interesting online shop! ♥
Do visit their blog too.

Enjoy shopping girls. (:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guys, would you like to see my adorable picture?

Tada! Mother, brother and I. This photo was taken when we were in Sentosa, I guess.
Hosted by
Some of my relatives said that my brother and I look alike when we were young.
Do you think so? Hmmm...
Hosted by
The greedy me!
Hosted by
How about this one?
Hosted by
(I know you are laughing out loud now)

The reason why I am posting these photos today is because of the relevant of the speaking topic was given by teacher just now. As always, on every IELTS practice test, we would be given a topic card and we have only one minute to prepare. So my topic was to describe a photograph that means a lot to me. When I read it, I was like "Dang! Is there anything harder than this topic?" In fact, it was the hardest topic ever.

Well, all of the photographs I have are mean lots to me. However, the most meaningful and valuable photograph is the family photo because it is the one and only family photo I've ever had.
Hosted by
Although, I've already had the recent photo we took on the Chinese New Year 2010 which is this below photo. This photo was taken during our holiday to Bintan Lagoon. My father lived there so we've decided to have a visit to him. (=
Hosted by
To me, the most memorable family is still the one and only family photo. I can still feel the family love from my father and mother for us.

Does anyone know why I love family event the most like for example, NFC 2010 that I've attended last few months. From that event, I saw lots of different family members (the one I remembered the most was a father, a mother and their 2 children had fun together, had their family photo together, played games together). It made me envy, seriously. Don't ask me WHY am I envy. It will be the longest story ever. :(

Well, the family that I am talking about is my Auntie's family. Sometimes, I feel so extra when I am out with them. Check it out the NFC 2010 if you are my new readers. (=
Anyway, I still feel warmth when I saw happy and harmony family.

So guys, do you mind to share with me one of a photograph that means a lot to you?
Have a nice day, guys! ♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

Let them say "Hi" to you all.
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How's everyone weekend?
We had a wonderful weekend.

However, this long weekend, I didn't sleep much.
That is why I am super moody today. =(
Alright, ignore my craps.

Here are some interesting for you.
Ladies Night Out!
Just 5 of us!
We went to Butter Factory for the first time.
We would like to explore all the clubs in Singapore since we seldom clubs.
We would like to try it to club every Saturday.
No, I am kidding. We are girls just wanna have fun. That's all! (=
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Would you like to have some drinks?
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They said I look pretty in this pic. I don't think so. =(
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My beautiful friends
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Hosted by
Hosted by
Hosted by

We met some new friends there. They are awesome!
Hosted by
All of them are beautiful! (=
Hosted by
Hosted by
I randomly took a pic for this two guys. Anyway, they are awesome too! (=
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Hot girls are with me. *don't jealous guys* =P
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Guys, do I look good in this pic? I know I look fat+tanned here. :D
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Alright, so let them say bye to all of you here.
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That's all my Saturday night all about.
How about you guys?
Had fun?
I hope you had though.
Enjoy your weekdays ahead guys. loves!