Friday, December 30, 2011

Home alone!

I am at home alone now.

This photo was randomly taken. I realized I have never self-shot since I started poly. OMG! 
And my blog has been dead for like so many months. I will continue blogging whenever I have something to blog about. Have a nice day ahead, people! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trust me, it's not just a dance rehearsal!

I have dance rehearsal with VGC dance group members at FGS on the 28th Dec (yesterday). 
I thought it's going to be very stress out. In fact, we had so much memorable, non-stop jokes. 
The pictures could tell everything!
Mixed blood. :)

The yellow hair one looks good uh!
TheBy2 from Singapore.
So cute!
Look at how pretty are they! :)
Yong's face forever epic. SO CUTE!!!!
Let me end this post with the mixed blood.

What else can I for more? This is what I called, enjoy the moment even if it's stressful. 


Before going for the dance rehearsal, I was with my brother and cousins at TCC. 
We had our dinner there and had fun too.

We had baby crayfish spaghetti. 
Super huge portion. Thanks to the Chef.
Chicken and Mushroom Cream sauce spaghetti.
Another huge portion. Yummy!~

Salmon Avobayon

We also ordered deluxe platter too. AWESOME lah!
The closer look. Do you feel like trying after looking at it? I like the onion rings. <3

The peach tea made by Christina. 

Peach and I.  
Azuki Freezy
I love it
Brother kept nagging till Daren can't endure anymore.
Guess what is he eating? :P


That's all!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Who says Christmas eve must be going to pub and party? 
We can have fun just seeing people around us having fun. 
We can have fun just looking at people playing fake snow on the road too. 
I am so happy to see Jessica and Calvin. 
It's been quite sometimes since I last seen them. HAHA!
Singapore isn't big uh! or it's the fate that let us meet? :)
Merry Christmas to the both of you. <3
After so much walk with the rain, we decided to go Ruyi for supper, but I didn't have my supper there. In fact, I had it after I reached home. You'll know later if you keep reading it. :)

Xul and I.

Hendi and Vannessa came Singapore. FUN!

After that I took night ride back, it costs 4.50 / trip, but it was really worth it cos I get to sleep on the bus and stop at the bus stop that located not too far from my house. 
When I reached home, I asked my cousin and brother to have supper at Jalan Kayu.

The martabak chicken and the prata bomb. WOW! It makes me hungry now.
It quite nice but still prefer the one that in Batam. YUMMY!

My Christmas eve for this year wasn't really going for party but afterall, it was awesome. 
Thank you friends, cousin and brother to make it so wonderful. 
I love the simplicity.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

IMH Christmas Party 2011

I signed up the activities for the IMH Xmas Party event which held on the 20th Dec 2011.
I had so much fun with the patients and also the volunteers too.

I rush down all the way from Harbour Front cos I took the earliest ferry to Singapore and this activities that I've signed is at 10am - 6pm. I rushed down all the way just to be on time for this activities. 

Oh well, afterall, it was fun! 

The pictures can tell you..........................................................

We are so "Zi Lian". 
 There's photo booth, cool right? :)

Volunteering with Thom again, and we made new friends there. :)

The Reindeers and the Santa 
 The Santarina and the Reindeers.
 I love this act cute picture.

The 2 Santarinas, Santa and 2 Reindeers say Merry Christmas to everyone.

And the whole group of us too.

all the best to you all

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yudya & Ery's Big Day

Last week, I went back to Batam just for Yudya's wedding. 
I went back on the 17th Dec and we directly went out for practicing our performance for Yudya on her wedding day. :)

I love the photos. All of them. 

On the 18th at 10pm, we started to do the games for the brothers.
Below is the underwear and the marshmallow.
Can you imagine how are they going to eat it? *evilsmile*
It's wedding promises time. I mean we're going to write it down. :)

Say cheese to the camera.

Coke and the super long straw.
Master Potato and the Oreo
This is the funniest part. Guess what is this?
The green chili cupcakes.
XC, Xlous and Okta
our hairstylist.
it's done. Nice? 
Look at the wedding promises. Whose handwriting huh? So nice. :p
Deng deng deng, the bride is here.
Ane and Eliz
We were interviewed by the paparazzi. HAHAH! (I am just kidding) 
We were asked to pose because they wanted to take pic of us.

We are Yudya's Sisters.

The pretty bride. <3

The lollies

Mommy and I
Fatty me!

Happy Wedding, dear. <3

They also arranged a hen's night surprise for Yudya, but I couldn't make due to guitar practice. :(
This is the cupcakes design, nice? :)

Who's next? :)