Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've posted something on my facebook these few days and I've just noticed that actually there are lots of people care about me.

Mayrine Yu
When you really love someone, just show it. Is that true?

How do you think guys? :)

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These few days I've been a very good worker and also a very good student. Do you know why? Well, let me explain to you. At work, I never eat snake anymore (slacking around/being lazy) because I've been so busy till sometime U almost forgot to have my dinner everyday. Luckily, nite owl keep reminding me. How sweet he is. Thanks anyway. At school, I've never late for three days in a row. I'm so proud that I can be able to reach school on time these days and in the future I hope. Haha.

Last Friday and Monday, Stu which is my current teacher, his father just passed away. I know how does he feel now. So everyone in the class are damn nice to him and we've been trying so hard to be more punctual (including myself of course) because we love him and we know that he loves us as well.

Once again, my condolences to him and his family.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yay! What should I describe about last night? Err... Fun!!!
I enjoyed myself last night. We had fun. Only one sentence could describe myself which is "Three Sheets to the Wind". Sounds like I'm so pro. To be honest, that sentences was taught by Alex. He taught me lots of interesting words. Love it. I wanna say thank you as well. :)
Alright, the only praise for being "Three Sheets to the Wind" is headache. So ya. The next day after woke up, I've got a very bad headache. hahaha! Laugh at me. Come on!

Okay, okay. Let's enjoy below photos first.

My friends (Sri and Angie) and I

One my ex-classmate (Sri)

New friend. Pretty. Love her.

I know it's blur. Hehehe. My bad. My friends (Yatie and Kath)

Stay tuned~ more photos to be uploaded! :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yay! Finally, I'm here to update my heart :)

Well, how's your weekend everyone? I had a great time with my friends and Alex at hometown. However, no pictures of the places that I went with Alex because he said he could be able to just capture into his mind about everything in Batam. I hope so and I can tell that he will forget everything about what had happened as the time goes by. :(

I showed him around and brought him to go to some seafood restaurant to have some food that he never had it before, and yes, it was his first time to attend the Asian wedding party, he told me that his mind keep saying Holy Shit. Hahaha. It means he was fascinating about everything he saw on the wedding party, some part of the wedding party are same in his town. Some of the part are different like Karaoke and the song. Hahaha! We have a very fast mandarin song while they have a slow english song.
And I guess there are many more things which are different from us. It's just because I didn't ask him.

Below are the photos that we took during wedding party. :)

Wedding where the ratio of white people to non-white was 1:500. This is because Alex was the only white person there. Hahaha.

After the wedding party, we went to have some drinks and yes, we were the three sheets to wind at that night. The next morning, we've got a prize which is headache. Tsk tsk tsk.

Even though, it was just a short trip for Alex. I had enjoyed myself. I've figured out that my English is getting better these days :p Thanks to Alex. Take care when you're in NZ. :)
So ya, it was fun!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoyable Day with Great People

Friday Night - Pizza Hut & Happy Puppy Family Karaoke.

My friends and I went to Pizza Hut had our dinner, but for me, it was my lunch and dinner. Hahaha. After having our dinner, we headed to Happy Puppy Family Karaoke. We had fun.

4 beautiful girls. :D

ugly faces of me but I like it.

Saturday Afternoon - Happy Puppy Family Karaoke & Breeks.

All I want to say is thank you to my brother. He was the one who accompanied me the whole day. :) I feel so happy to have a sibling like him. :)

We went to K and we ordered a cheezy popcorn. It tastes good. :)

After singing K, we had our lunch at Breeks Cafe.

My brother with his Ice Cream.

Mashed Potatos

My Potato Island. love it.

I've got a feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night. Yay! :)
Okay okay okay.. Tonight will be going to K again and also will be going to watch movie. Happy! It's been so long i've never watched movie. :(

Ehemmm... MC please don't be moody. :) alright, I will keep myself happy everyday. I just wanna be happy and cheerful :)

I will and I promise. Jiayou!!!!

Stat tuned guys :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, only one word can describe my feeling TIRED!!!!!!!! :'(

I need a rest........... I haven't slept yet since Thursday morning (7 a.m.) woke up till now.
What a strong person am I. *crazy*

I'm in my hometown now. I guess I will have a wonderful holiday this time.
Full of party, yes, we will be shopping till dusk and party till dawn, Aw~

Oh yes, Alex will be visiting Batam this Sunday evening and he will be staying over my place till Tuesday morning. He is my teacher's nephew.
Why do I know him? Great question for myself, don't you think so? Hahaha..
Let me answer my own question. On the last Friday, our teacher brought his nephew to our class and introduced him to all of us. He comes from Portland, but he will be going to New Zealand to work for Wine Industry. If I am not forgotten, he told us that he will be the wine maker there. He loves wine and he was influence Stu (my teacher's name) to be interested in Wine.

They are having fun in Vietnam now. So good~
Stu said that he meets lots of great people. I hope Alex will meet some in my hometown too. :P

So they will be coming back from Vietnam to Singapore on Sunday afternoon and Alex will be coming over to Batam in the evening.
To be honest, I am feeling nervous while exciting. OMG! It's like my first time to be a tour guide for Caucasian like him and handsome somemore. *blush*
He's attached okay! Don't think too much. LOL

Okay, I am feeling nervous because my english sucks and I am not a good tour guide.
I hope I could be able to make him understand whatever I said and explain to him.
I am exciting because I've never been hanging out with Native Speaker before except school trip with teacher and a bunch of schoolmates. :D

I just can't wait for the day to come. I wanna have fun.
Oh well, it's Friday! I'll be going out to Happy Puppy for K with my lollies (part of my life). Love them so much! :)

Stay tuned guys, I will be posting whenever I have time :P

Enjoy your weekend.
Take care~