Thursday, May 6, 2010

Being Myself

Just another new brand day.
Woke up late but I was be able to reach class on time. On time?Well, just late for 5 minutes. ^^
Late is better than not going at all.

In the class, we did some games which had been challenged by the other class.

The game was to find who's the killer in the story as fast as we can. Fortunately, we did it, but in the middle of the games, the teacher were so mad and said that we're cheaters. :(

We didn't mean it. Sorry~

Well, there's rule which we can't share a piece of paper that the teacher has given it to each of us and some classmates were actually shared their paper each other. It's our fault okay? Thanks for the forgiveness.

I found out that these days, we are like professional lawyer, jurors, police detective. Nonetheless, it was really fun. :)

I am gonna be a cheerful Mayrine for all of you in the class again and I did it today.

Being myself is all I ever wanted for now.

I'm happy for who I am because I'm able to express myself freely.

I'm gonna love myself more than anyone else so that I will know how to take care of myself well.

So people, don't judge me, if you don't even know me, otherwise, I will give you a damn. >:O

Gonna start work first. I will be very busy today so I'll delay the field trip posting today.

Have a nice day everyone.

Stay tuned for those photos alright.


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