Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wonderful Saturday in Batam with Besties ♥

Good Morning! (=
I would like to start this post with my friend's funny pose.
Sorry, Tynn. :D
Me: "Oh! I am in WARUNG TEKKO BATAM. Oh my goodness, there are many delicious FOODS"
Take a picture before order the foods. (=
Me: "I want this"
Tyn: " I want that"
After we've ordered the dishes.
We playing around with the menu while we waiting for the foods.
Here it is!
This is Mangga Cincau (Mango Grass Jelly)
Sorry to say that, it looks nice but it tastes weird.
I guess different people different preference.
We only ordered one drink cos we had free delivery from Xul. =D
Guess what?These were bought from DEPOT ES stall.
ES GAUL (It contains different kind of fruits)
ES LUMUT (It tastes nice but I only know it contains Nata De Coco, but I don't know the rest of the names). Sorry!ES MANGGA (Mango Ice) The RICE is coming! :p
LOL! look at her! She was indeed too hungry! :D
Finally the dishes are coming!
Guess what is this? This is Cumi Goreng Tepung = Calamari in English, but doesn't look like calamari, right? haha..
Bandung Presto Penyet. Not bad!
Kangkung Hotplate is nice. You should try! (=
And this Gurame Penyet. This is the best dish of that day! xo
Tyn can't wait anymore! :DHere is the total bill.
Actually, it's quite expensive, but the foods are delicious! :)
We won the discount 15% prize. YAY!
Four of us!
Yud and Xul
Tynn and i.
Again, we take weird photos again. :D
We ordered Mee Goreng. It's delicious!
They were too HUNGRY! hahaha..
We took photo in the toilet. haha!
After we had finished our KTV session, we had our BBQ Corn and Rojak nearby Batu Ampar.
We had it outdoor and the rain was so sudden pouring very heavily and we ran to the car and have the corn in the car.
It was a really interesting night.
Thanks, girls. xoxo.
Let me end this post with our finished-corn. Alright, the next post will be IVD 2010 post!

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