Thursday, December 2, 2010

BYE & HI, Adrian!

I am sure, we will see you again.
So last Monday I went to the airport and the day before, I slept for not more than 3 hours. :'(
I was very tired but worth it, seriously. (:
A classmate of mine is going back for good.
We will always bless him and remember his joke.
He's indeed a joker in our class. I am sure I am gonna miss him. *sigh!
Stu (my favourite left TLC)
Adrian (my joker friend left TLC)
Gaby (one of my best friends is going to leave TLC soon)
Who will be the next after Gaby?? =(
Why good things can't stay forever? WHY?????????

These are the people who went down to the Airport.

We gave all the blessing for you, Ryan!
A hug from his mummy.
That's so sweet. (:
Don't CRY! PLEASE!!! :'(
It's not goodbye, it's just a Hi to everyone.
Good luck, Ryan.
Don't forget about us!
We will never ever forget about you.

Be a good man, a responsible hubby and a caring daddy.

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