Friday, December 17, 2010

Ajino Chanpon

Ajino Chanpon at Plaza Singapura, Level 4.
I went to this place with my Aunt for dinner.
It was my first time to have my meal in this restaurant.
Yes, it's AJINO CHANPON.I found out from an article online.
Ajino Chanpon is bringing to food lovers a taste of chanpon ramen straight from the streets of Kyushu is Ajino Chanpon, Singapore’s first chanpon specialty restaurant.

Chanpon is a unique vegetable and meat Japanese noodle dish with roots from China. It was originally invented by a Chinese cook who wanted an inexpensive but satisfying dish for his customers who were mainly Chinese students studying in Japan.

Ajino Chanpon is the sister brand of Sen no Chanpon, which was established in Kumamoto, Japan in 2007. The Ajino Chanpon outlet at Tokyo Walker will be Singapore’s first outlet and available outside of Japan for the first time.

One special characteristic of Ajino Chanpon’s ramen is that it is thicker than most ramen noodles. It has a thick soup base, made from fried pork bones, chicken bones and vegetables. Ajino Chanpon’s wide selection of ramen dishes are filled with the goodness of meat, seafood topped with a generous serving of vegetables all in one bowl. Must-try dishes include their signature Ajino Chanpon, Crayfish Chanpon and Pork Curry Chanpon.

They have wide selections of ramen. :)
My Pork Teriyaki Curry Chanpon.
I forgot my aunt's.
I think is Chili Chanpon. :DGo and have a look and try their foods.

I love the spicy version, the soup is very tasty and sweet from the melding flavours of the assorted seafood, meats and veggies.
From both of the two options, I prefer
my pork teriyaki curry chanpon, anyway. (=
Take care, guys!

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