Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Wednesday Night with Lovely People

This is something special.
We laughed, we danced, we shared jokes.
We had fun with each other.
I love them and they love me. YES! I LOVE THEM LIKE MY FAMILY.
Thank you for coming to my life.
It was a simple gathering dinner but it was fun. I love it!
My Spaghetti. :p
This was the most hilarious part.
When you looked at the picture.
You can see the difference shape of Tang Yuan, right?
That's the interesting part.. hahaha..
7ofus went crazy that night, but it was awesome!
Zou Jieming always the best! I love him.
Kel, Aud and I.
Kel, Dor and the Big BEAR.
Esther said these are the REAL Tang Yuan
That means these are the FAKE Tang Yuan. LOL
Aww.. Thank you Audrey for the Xmas prezzie. LOVE IT TO THE MAX.
This is one of the xmas prezzie from Audrey. SO CUTE!
I love this little smiley face.
It's a candle you know? So lovely isn't it? (=


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