Sunday, December 26, 2010

How do you spent your Christmas Eve?

I spent my Christmas Eve with my family members. :)
We had fun, chit-chat, shopping.
After knocking off from work, I rushed to the BUANGKOK MRT to have my dinner with them.
(I don't really eat though) :D
Here are photos I would like to share:
My youngest Aunt and her family.
This is the second to youngest Aunt and her family.
I stay with them anyway. :)
My bro who I love the most.
My cousin who is always listen to my craps.
My grandma who is always keep our things in some places we couldn't find. :P
Gift exchanged. :P
Kiss exchanged. hahaha.. :D
followed by a sumptuous meal.
Anyway, thank you Auntie for the beautiful pen. The thing I don't like is the ink. :D
This was the best PART! wohooo... (=
What about you?

Have a great day ahead people.
Take care!

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