Monday, December 13, 2010

IVD Concert & Carnival 2010

It's Monday!
I'm starting my day with a smile.
I hope you are too.
I'll be going to Acid Bar this evening to give a friend of mine a birthday surprise.
Say Hi to me if you happen to see me. =P

Alright, let's go to the point... haha!
I was one of the volunteer at the IVD event last Sunday.
Do you know what is IVD? Check it out here.
Candid Shot! lalala~
May and Thom
This is the Reception Counter where the goodies bags and coupons were given out.
Another candid shot.
Girls photoBoys photoGroup photo.While they were helping out..
We were walking and looking around Marina Barrage cos it was the first time I went there.
Manish and BennyThanks to the photographer who took this photo for us. (Photographer = Benny)
We even went into the Gallery.
We took photos inside the Gallery. :)
Four of UsWe were stationed at Makan Makan booths. (=
SG Cares Volunteers ROCK!
New friends = FUN!The view from up!
I think there must have at least 6000-7000 people. :O
My girls (Gaby, Sophie, Liting and Oogi)
The booths
Thanks for coming down! Lalala~
I love the sky colour. It made my day!
YES! WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS!I've gotten a ice cream. haha!
They were the people who help to give out the ice cream. So loved right. (=
Big bro and IYan Ling, my new friend. She's nice. (=
Ahh.. caught red handed! They were slacking! :p
Shi Ming was trying to act cute and Edric with a curious eyes looked at Shi Ming. :D
Manish and I. (=
I like this photo especially the light. (:
Oh yes! Corrinne May was there. She has a beautiful voice. Thumbs up! ♥

Last but not least, IVD video created by Nini ♥
Thank you Nini for creating this video for us.
I feel so loved!

That's the end of the post.
Thanks for reading, guys!

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