Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm excited yet confused...

cos I don't know what should I wear this Sunday.
I am self-conscious about my leg.
I feel like wearing simple dress and high heels on that day, but I am sure my leg will look big. :(
BIG SIGH, seriously. :(
(Okay, I shall stop complaining)
Pardon me, guys!

Alright, so these are the things I've bought from Daiso 2 days ago.

Things I love to do at this moment..
Yes, it's scrapbook-ing. :)After bought the material for scrapbook-ing, aunt and I went to Mark & Spenser for Christmas shopping.
Ended up, I bought more than her. =="
She just bought a bar of chocolate (no picture of her chocolate)
but I bought all these. :D
See below picture...
I've tried the Swiss Chocolate (Bubbly Milk) just now.
It's nice. Perhaps, you should buy chocolates for your Christmas treats.

Last night, I went to Bugis with my cousin and her friends and we saw this beautiful Christmas tree.
I can't wait to the upcoming outing and gathering with E and e. OMG!

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