Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wonderful Friday in Batam with Besties ♥

It's been so long since I meet her.
Yes, it's her.
The beautiful lady who stands beside me in this photo. (=
She is one of my besties who had married.Is this called Lollies Gathering when it's only 5 of us? :(
We watched Rapunzel 3D in XXI
Picture of us again. Pardon me! (:
Two of them were busy with buying popcorn. That's funny.
We were like picnic in the Cinema cos we bought 4 packets of Nuggets, 2 popcorn and 1 nacho. :D
My four lollies. <3>
Tyn, Taz and Ah Ong. =P
As always, we're beautiful girls. HAHAHAHA! I'm kidding! (=
We saw Peggy in the toilet and Octa would like to take a pic with her.
My Yudya, who is going to marry soon. Congrats sayang. (;
After we had our movie, we headed off to KFC to have our supper.
This is what I ordered.
Yes. It's TWISTER! Purple GIRLS!
Do they look alike? Comment pls! :D
That's all!
Thanks for reading. There will be more interesting post (as always :p)
Enjoy your day, dudes and babes!


Lilian Hii (백합) said...

You girls look great! Loved what you guys are wearing :D

Mayrine Yu said...

Thank you Lilian. (=