Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Farewell Dinner for Nini and Arthur

This is sad but we had fun!
Thank you Evonne for organizing this farewell + gathering dinner.

Arthur (soon to be Dr Arthur)
Nini (the one who always so cheerful)
Yay, they're always so SWEET!
Stunned look!
Calvin & Arthur
Meifang Jie, Woonlu (nickname Lulu) and Evonne Jie
After having our dinner at The Mask Restaurant, we continue the dessert session at one of the famous beancurd nearby dhoby and bugis. I forgot the name of the stall. SO sorry!

While waiting for others, we had fun there. :p
This is CLASSIC! :DThis is even worse. HILARIOUS!
See, I've told you, she's always cheerful.
Yummy but I didn't get the chance to eat these. :(
Act nerd is it? but failed. :p
Wohooo.. candid shot is the coolest shot in the world. :P
Calvin aka CK and Shi Ming
LEt's end this post with..
KC and CK. WOHooo!
Thank you all for the wonderful night.
Although, I was tired, but still, I had fun with you all. :)
Hope to see you all around soon.

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