Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cousin Chillin' at TCC

Christmas is coming!
Have you known how are you going to celebrate?

My cousin and I went to TCC to try their Santa Smile.
I fall in love with it. Gosh!
The chocolate mixed with a little bit of mint.
I love the green and yellow candies.
My Santa Smile.
Nutty Mocha Frappé
I love the taste of peanut butter.
My Smoke Salmon Avo-Bayon is

There are 3 different kinds of main courses.
Each main course comes with soup, dessert, gingerbread man and coffee or tea.
My cousin ordered the Oceanic Joy.
She chose Salmon Chowder as her soup.
The dessert of that day was Choco Passion.
Gingerbread Man.♥♥♥
We ended the post with our photos. =P

Do you realized that this post has lots of in it?
My life is full of LOVES now.
I hope all my friends too.

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