Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please all, and you will please none.

I have so much to blog about but I have no time.
I have too many things on hand but too little time to finish all of them.

These few days, I am feeling so unhappy, unwell, and uneasy.
The people around me get hurt, and the people around me hurt me.
I couldn't say anything but to keep everything inside.
I know I am silly but I don't wish to make things worst.

I'm quite stress and didn't have enough sleep for the past few days.
I'm having fever now and I need rest, but I never stop trying to finish all of the important things.
I know where does the stress come. I know it.
It comes from trying to please everyone all the time.
Yes, I just want to help and do something best for them.
However, it doesn't seem right, cos it ended up I couldn't make it and I please none.
What's more, I make things even worse.

I am sorry, truly, I'm sorry for everything I've done which had made the expectation turns to disappointment.
Seriously, I've been trying so hard to finish everything I supposed to finish.
I'm really trying my best every single moment.

Perhaps, I didn't do it well enough, but I really try my best.
I hope you will understand, you will know, you will appreciate it.
I am just feeling sad that things seem worse nowadays.

Once again, I apologize.
I just hope everything will turn out well, either in work life or social life.
I want to have fun with you all like we used to be.
I miss you all.
As always, xoxo.


Dan said...

there's perseverance in you..

xuly.soh said...

without process, there is no progress.