Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We had BURGER as our dinner for 2 days. BURP~ BURP~
Seriously, I think I will not pass by Mc Donald for some times.
I think.. Well, I hope I won't have burger or any related to bread again tomorrow.
Alright, so what can I say about this new taste?
Hmmm... It's just different from the rest of the burger I've ever had before.
Especially the bread. Yeah, the bread that makes the different.
What else?
So sorry, I am not really a food blogger. I can't even describe the taste.
I like the chicken taste but not the bread though.
It's just my opinion anyway cos my Cousins, Auntie and her husband like the new bread. =)
(photography style - copy the way Xuly Soh take) *peace Xuly*
That's all. :)
BURP~ *oopsss* sorry for my rudeness. hehe. =P

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