Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make it the BEST!

OMGosh! Another promotion at one of the fast food restaurant in Singapore.

1. Mc Donalds - Make it BETTER
2. Burger King - Make it EVEN BETTER
3. Texas Chicken - Make it the BEST (Yeah, it's TEXAS CHICKEN)

I really wonder, which will be the next fast food restaurant to promote and what keywords are they going to use for the next promotion coupons?
What do you think guys?

I am so excited about your answer - as in it would be fun to have different people's thoughts gather together and create a nice keywords/attractive keywords for the next fast food restaurant. HAHA! :p

Alright, so it's valid only on 21st March 2011, Monday.
The outlets for TEXAS CHICKEN is quite limited anyway, and I'm sure, the queue for buying this 95cents burger in United Square, NEX & Tampines Mall will be bloody LONG cos most of us will not want to travel to Singapore EXPO and Changi T1 just to have this 95cents. Am I right? Well, I might be wrong!
Whatever it is, be prepared, peeps!

Don't forget to comment if you have any interesting answer to share.
Thank you so much for reading this!

1 comment:

Danial said...

My prediction will be KFC.. expecting it to be a 50 cent burger.. Keyword - "Make it the BEST OF ALL" =D