Saturday, October 9, 2010

As what I said, my weekend will be very boring cos of my stupid red face. :'(
Getting worse!!!!! especially my chin. :'(

Probably, you guys might want to know why.
I will tell you the story!
Normally, I had pimples on my face, I'll apply OXY 5 and around 2-3 days, the pimples will disappear. Due to my OXY 5 has used up and I have several pimples on my face which were so irritated me so I've decided to go to Watsons and I saw OXY 10 so I bought it and after I've applied the OXY 10, the pimples gone. However, oxy 10 is too strong for my skin which caused my face so itchy and swallon.

Believe me, those with known sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide esp sensitive skin like me should not use this medication.
Even though, I know it will recover,
I AM STILL SO DESPERATE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

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