Thursday, July 15, 2010

OREO CONTAINER, ISN'T THAT COOL? hahaha..I've just bought two 137G Oreo in Cold Storage, City Square then I've got a free oreo container. For me, it's really cool. :D

My new snack! Snyder's is delicious but I don't like this flavour, to be honest. Hehe. but who knows some of you like this. :)
It taste a little spicy, but I don't like taste, seriously. I would rather prefer the Honey Mustard and Onion flavour than Hot Buffalo Wing. :)

SAYBONS is love. :D
I knocked off early yesterday and Geboy, Yanti and I went to Plaza Singapura to watch Knight and Day. While waiting for Yanti to come, Gab and I were enjoying the so delicious French Soup, my mushroom and cheese crepe and Gab's four pieces of bread with two different flavours (tomato and onion butter) at Saybons. It was great! :)

I can't imagine if she is really going back to her hometown. I am gonna miss her so much. :(
Seriously, she is a really great friend of mine. For me, she's more than a friend. It's like a sister although we're just known each other not more than a year. She's lovely. :)

I didn't mention about Yanti right? It doesn't mean that she's not a great friend. She's also my great friend alright! Both of them are my great friends. ♥

Let's talk about the movie. :D

KNIGHT AND DAY was an excellent movie. I like it. I love it. Hahahaha. ♥

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are lovely and they are funny. It's really an action + comedy movie. I love it. Seriously, I enjoyed the movie so much. Once again, thank you, Rene. ^^

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