Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good morning, Sunday. ♥
In 15 minutes times I'll be heading to work. :(
Now, it's 8AM.
That's alright.
Saturday was filled with loves though.

Look at this guy. HANDSOME RIGHT? =P
Guess who is he? hahaha.
We met up at Borders and walked to Lucky Plaza for having Ayam Penyet as our lunch + dinner at the same time. It considers as 'dunch' I guess. hahaha.

Ayam Penyet is an Indonesian food where we can find it at Lucky Plaza.
To be honest, I forgot which floor it is. I guess, it is at 3rd floor of Lucky Plaza.
Pardon me if I gave you a wrong info and please let me know if it's a wrong information too.
Thanks guys. :)
Beside Ayam Penyet, secretly I ordered Gado gado. hahaha. =P
After had our dunch, we walked around Orchard and a girl gave me this sticker for free goodie bag and the girl was the one who worked with my headmaster before. For the first time, I saw her using make up and indeed, she's so pretty. :)
Thanks, honey bunny.
These are the things inside the goodie bag. Not bad right. hahaha.
Seriously, while we walked around ALT, there were lots of interesting things, but there are so expensive. I can't afford to buy them.
This is the one I've found it very interesting. COOL alright! :)
After we walked around Heeren and I said I would like to buy my favourite macaron at Jewel Artisan, Orchard Central.
and he asked "What's Macaron?" then I said "macaron is a sweet confectionery. Its name is derived from an Italian word "maccarone" or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient.[1] It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar."

The confectionery is characterized by its smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference, and flat base. Connoisseurs prize a delicate, egg shell-like crust that yields to a moist and airy interior. The French macaron differs from macaroons in that it is filled with cream or butter like a sandwich cookie, and can be found in a wider variety of flavors that range from the traditional (raspberry, chocolate) to the exotic (truffle, matcha tea).[2]
After I answering his question, he stunned and said "what an excellent answer". =D
Well, actually *I'm just kidding* I searched using my second brain and show him the information from Wikipedia. haha.

I've bought one box and I love the salted egg flavour. *wink wink*
after bought my favourite Macaron, we headed to Funan Mall by walking okay! :D
Just walked for 20 minutes, someone said he felt so tired and he needs a place to chill.
Too bad, I wanna walk and he has to accompany. =P

Well, well, ended up, when we've arrived, we went to TCC for chilling. haha

and he ordered...
Choco Choco Chip.
I ordered...
Peachy Peachy Soda.
ice waters. hahaha. =="
My key chain doll is spoiled. It was one of my Korean friends gave me. I was too sad so I plucked out her head and put it into the TCC menu board's hole. :'(
After chilling in TCC at Funan Mall, he said he wants to watch fireworks so we walked to City link but there were packed of people.
Ended up, we stood and watched the fireworks with the trees covered up the fireworks. haha.

He was so concentrating on the fireworks but with a disappointment look while I was laughing at him and he was trying to kill me by this action. haha. relax man! =P
I enjoyed my Saturday outing with him last night.
How about you?

Goodbye everyone.
Seeya. ♥

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