Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you think that life's about eating? Hahaha! What a stupid question, isn't it?

On Sunday morning, Xuly and I were going to have our breakfast at Marina Park. (I guess that place is called Marina Park) hahaha.
All I know about that place is Robin's place. :D

My Mee Siam
Her Laksa
Which one is more oily? Of course, it's my mee siam. tsktsktsk.

This is one of my favourites. I love it to the max.Ahhhh.. The main reason, I've asked her to accompany me to Robin's place for breakfast was because of this dessert. AWESOME!

Inside the coconut sauce is a pancake.
I don't what they called but Xuly said this is called "Mopeng Kue". Haha. What a hilarious name! but it tastes nice though. :)

After had my breakfast and bought some for Grandpa, Mom and Bro.
I've decided to take 2PM SG time ferry to Singapore.


here I am.


He came and we had our dinner at Pizza Hut.

Cream Soup with Drumstick! yummy~
I looked super tired, wasn't I?
He was too hungry. =P
Cream Soup. Yummy!
I super duper in love with Pizza Hut's drum stick! ♥
I was too full until I couldn't breathe so I decided to give up by showing this white flag. haha!
I love my contact lenses colour. yes, it's blue. I LOVE IT!
Thank you for the beach dress babe. ♥
My weekend was filled with loves! ♥
Thank you so much, girls!
That's all and tomorrow is going to be Monday.
I hope that I would have my everyday filled with loves. :)

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