Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello, peeps!
I knocked off late last night and I walked pass by Adrian's shop to visit Ben" and Wang".

He is Ben". :p
Sleepy Wang". =D
This morning, we've just realized that Today is Thom's birthday so while we're working on our mock trial, Yina and i were rushing to the Polar Cake Shop to buy a cake for Thom.
Lovely Thom. :)
She was shocked when she saw the cake and the birthday song. :D
Thom with her birthday cake. lovely.
Weny and Thom
Stu and Thom
Ladies in the house! :p
Guys in the house! :D
Adrian was trying to make fun of her by that funny expression. hahaha.
Yanti and Geboyyy.
Happy Birthday, Thom. ♥
Did she try to promote or advertise my favourite snack? haha.
Our birthday princess is so cute. :)
Watsana was busying with her statement for tomorrow. Good luck!
The defense attorneys and their witnesses were discussing about the Mock Trial. :D
Hadi was busy of cutting cakes. That's so kind of him. :)
Food again! :D
Watsana was so concentrating. :D
Yina and Gaby too. =="

Alright, after class, Gaby and i went for a walk at Bugis and we both are craving for KOI.
Look at this long queue, but we still decided to queue for it. It's worthy!
While we were waiting for our milk tea, Gaby made this kind of look. This is funny and lovely. :)

Grass Jelly Milk Tea is ♥. =P
Alright, enjoy your day everyone! ♥


TOLANIC said...

Most of the people in your office are girls. You guys doing what job arr?

Mayrine Yu said...

Haha, they are my classmates not my colleagues. :p