Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello, readers.
I am here to blog about my exam and my Friday night's outing with my besties. ♥

About my exam, I was so lucky enough today, all the candidates supposed to bring an original certificate for verification but I forgot to bring it so I tried to call him and ask him to get it from my granny and send it to Aaron who is our supporters. Thank you so much. ♥

This picture is cool, isn't it? haha.

Okay, let me share the photos we took last night. :)

We went to De Patros for supper. I know it's fattening. That's okay right?
Once in a while. :)
Before starting to enjoy our soup, took a nice photo first.
and then a group photo. haha.
We're trying to advertise the soup. "the soup is awesome". You guys should go and try it. :)
Now, it's beverages turn to be advertised by us.
Okay, okay, no more advertising alright. ^^
She will be our victim for tomorrow. haha.
it's because her birthday is on 18th July.
Yes, we're going to give her surprise. :)
My mummy is in the photo too. Guess which one is my mom? :P
Candid! AWESOME! ♥
This is my mom. ♥
haha! it's me! I guess everybody who reads my blog will know that. haha!
Yayaya, it's me again. =P

After having our supper, we went to Inulz Vizta for K-ing.
Okay, I know I look like an Auntie. --"
My face is BIG!!!!

She's cute, isn't she? loves! ♥
We haven't ready yet. haha. this can be considered as a candid shot, but it's ♥.
Alright, good luck to all of my friends who took the EA for RP just now.
Good luck for me too please.

ENJOY guys! I'm going to take a nap soon. See ya! ♥

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