Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello people! :)
This time round, we went to Parliament for our field trip, it was fun. *I guess I am lying*
hahahahaha. Well, it's not boring and not fun, but we learnt something new there.
At least, we have known that something about wig and how the parliament works and we've known how the looks of the parliament. I mean the inside. :)

Here are some photos to be shared after we walked out from Parliament. :D
From the photos, you can see that all of us were wearing office attire.
Surprisingly, we all look so pretty and handsome, aren't we? haha.

After parliament, we went to Funan for brunch and continued to Plaza Singapura for a movie and there were lots of different kinds of movie to watch, some of us would like to watch inception, some of us would like to watch predators, some prefer hot tub, but ended up with despicable me.

It was funny, to be honest. I like that movie, seriously. :D
I'm going to watch it again with him on this Sunday.

Alright, I get to go!
I need to catch a ferry to Batam now. I will update you about my weekend and the most important is my exam. Yes, soon! :)

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