Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello, people.

I would like to blog about my activities on last weekend.
How did you guys celebrate? Who did you guys celebrate with?

On the last Saturday, after knocking off from the office, I went to visit my Auntie who has just given birth a week ago.
Theodore is her newborn baby's English name and Jia Le is his Chinese Name.
Both are nice names, aren't they? :)

I took some photos of her baby but I only upload these 2 pictures because it takes so long to upload photo here. --"

one with his little hand. so small.
one with his face when he was sleeping. so cute. gosh!

On Sunday, I woke up at 8 am sharp. I don't even know why I woke up so early when I just slept for 3 hours after watching football match between Uruguay and Germany.

I guess I was too hungry. :D

after that, I took a bath and started to read Twilight before I go out to watch movie and go salon with Geboy (seriously, I love this nickname and I know she miss this name). :(

While I was reading, I was enjoying my SNYDER'S.

What's this? Look nice, isn't it? haha. it tastes nice too. :D
Yes, this is SNYDER'S OF HANOVER and it's a cheddar cheese flavour. I love it.
Another one is honey mustard & onion.
it doesn't only look nice but taste nice, okay!
You can find it in Guardian, Watsons & Cold Storage. It cost you only S$ 3.40 and now, it's on sale in Watsons. It's just cost you S$ 2.95. hahaha.
Go and grab it now! :)

Before heading off to LRT, I asked my Aunt to take a picture of me.
My look of the day on the last Sunday.
Doreen, Darren and I
I know I'm getting fatter now. *sobs*
Granny, Darren, Doreen and I
Sorry to post this, but this photo was taken accidentally. HILARIOUS! lol
Here are some photos with Geboy. :)

Last but not least, I've won two tickets of Knight and Day from Rene random pick and it's really lucky I was the one got it. Thank you so much babe. :)


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