Friday, July 23, 2010

Now then I remember what else I've forgotten to talk about.
Hahaha, yes, it was our BBQ party on the last Saturday and one of my best friend's birthday surprise was happened in the middle of the night, it considered as Sunday morning, I guess. haha.

It's one of my besties. ♥
what a wonderful coffee --" (I'm just lying) it sucks alright. It's so bitter. hahaha. I love dark chocolate though. ♥
Zekky and Rustin. Nice picture.
These are the snacks and ingredients that we bought from Supermarket that day. haha!
yay! it was ♥. (sorry my camera sucks) :(
Thanks for the help girls. :P
Pretty girls. ♥
After left Andy's house, we went to birthday princess house to give her a surprise.
Honestly, during the BBQ time, I didn't manage to eat the BBQ foods. That's so pity. :(
That's alright, I enjoyed myself.

Let's talk about the birthday incident.
When we've reached in front of her house. I've tried to call her mom and said my name out loud so she would wake up and open the door for us.

I've called from outside for lots of times but no responses so I was hopeless and I told the rest of them to hide behind cars and by the time, she's back then we give her a surprise.

5 minutes later, her mom called my name, and asked what happened then we explained to her about our plan so her mom let us in. Thank you so much Auntie. ♥

After we've reached home and 15 minutes later, she's home.
By that time, she was home, we were here! We were hiding in the place like this. :D
The flash made the place looked bright but actually it was hot and dark.
Actually, our plan was considered to be succeed but too bad, one of my friend took out the cake from the box but left it in her room. That was hilarious. :D

Well, it considered half succeed and half failed.
cos ended up, she tried to call her boyfriend and said that, "someone was coming to my room"
At that time, she was on her way to the place we hid and she shocked and screamed like crazy.
She thought she saw ghosts. It was super funny. hahaha.

Happy birthday, girl. ♥
Holy cow, finally, you're 21.
We were the one who gave her surprise. =P
We would like to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ♥
Took pictures with our beloved birthday princess alright. ♥
Guess what it is? She saw this cake and found it was so cute so she bought it for herself as her birthday cake. ==" hahaha! Indeed, this looks awesome! :)
This was the cake we bought it for her. :D
While she was busy with cutting cake and the rest were busy with gossip-ing. Well, some of them were busy of waiting for her to cut the cake into pieces and I was busy with taking pictures of them. It was fun! Seriously, I took lots of pictures but I didn't upload all of it. :D Okay, now, it's my turn to take a picture. =P
When LOLLIES get together. it is ♥.
candid shot but I ♥ it. =)
She was caught red handed. Guess what did she do? =D
Lastly, yes, when we came to her house and we brought along our shoes/sandals. =D
Now, it's time to go back!

This is the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed! :D

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