Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey, guys!
Do you enjoy your Monday? :)

I went to OCBC Bank just now and walked pass by this stall selling DURIAN PANCAKES.
There were lots of food stall in City Square just like in Compass Point.
Everytime I pass by those stalls make me hungry. hahaha.
Well, if you guys would love to try, probably you can go and buy some for trying.
For me, it's delicious! :)
The inside still looks like popiah, isn't it? Actually, this is "Kong Theng" lol.
It's something like candy but it's 90's candy. :D
What does this called? My colleagues called it as something about Dragon moustache. :D
I called it something like caterpillar. hahaha.
Ahh' cheese stick! love it! I've bought it from Batam. :)
This is how it looks like after open the packet. :)
Give it a bite and the inside has some cheese in it. love it!
I guess my life isn't about gaining knowledge but it's about gaining weight.
My Monday is filled with foods as well as my last Sunday. haha.
Anyway, I enjoyed myself today.
Despite my assignment homework due on Tuesday which is tomorrow.
I guess you all know the feeling of stress right?
When you need to rush your homework after your work?
I am super stress now.
Why the others three attorneys don't need to work but I need to? :(
Okay, okay, this is life. I accept it!

That's all, I'm going to finish my assignment first.
See ya! ♥

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