Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, I know I am abit slow to update this trip to sentosa with my 2 lovely classmates. :)
Hehehe, we supposed to meet up at 9 pm at the Level 3, vivo, but ended up waited for my one of the classmate named Yanti till 9.40 i think, but its okay, as long as we had enjoyed ourselves. Hmmm...To be honest, I was not so enjoy because I keep thinking of him. :(
Alright, just forget it. I don't wish to talk about it. It will make me hurt again. sigh!
Anyway, we bought lots of thing to eat actually and we crap the whole day.
Below are those photos when we're in Sentosa :)
myself, gaby and yanti.
gaby and yanti

the whole day never eat anything, I just ate chips. OMG!

gaby w/ her new bikini which costed her 39 dollars. xDDD
and yanti.. awww.. sexy!

after took a photo for them, I also have to take for myself what. :P

well, abit disappointed because 3 person go there but only 2 of us wore bikini. hmmm~
it's okay then, as long as we enjoyed ourselves. :P

again, myself, gaby and yanti. :Phere we are again, gaby and me. :D

finally, we can see the sea and the water. fml! xDD

can you see the burned on my skin? LOL
but I love sun tanning:P

gaby and me was waiting for the so called -blablabla- (i dont know what is that, is a bus or? because it doesnt looks like a bus) hmmmm~

wow, ice cream walao e..*drooling*

ALRIGHT, after eating ice cream, we continued to phototaking. xDD cam-whore session will never be forgotten man! :DDD

Anyway, next weekend is gonna be another beach party but it will be @ TURI BEACH, BATAM with my besties. Awww~ I can't wait for that day to come. :))

oh yes, I will be uploading the photos of my bosses' daughter wedding and my friend's birthday photos soon. :) stay tune, people!Align Center
loved by me, <3>

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