Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I miss him again, like yesterday.
Won’t this feeling of missing him, lessen any?
I keep thinking about him. WHY?

The more I try to sort through it all, the more the tears come.
Even when I try to steal it, the memories spread into different memories through the tears that I shed.
It makes me cry so painfully.

"All I can do is regret, because all I ever did was wrong, but, baby, I’m afraid you’ll forget me because I’ve never gave you anything that you want."

"I love you, yes, I love you"
These words have become a habit
and these words are among the many I’ve learned from you.
I sit around alone mumbling to myself like a fool.
I’m sorry truly, truly, I’m sorry.
I even sorry that these words are too late.

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