Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello, I am here again :D
I know I haven't been posting almost a week. :D
I really need to make my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. tsk tsk tsk.
Let me think of it first then I'll post it out as soon as possible.

Watch this below video first!
A Big Ribbon on Head.

It looks easy to do it and I really wanted to do this hairstyle. Unfortunately, I've tried it 6 times and it didn't work D;
I think my hair is too short for this, because when I do it, it looks very short and choppy. OMG!

*Sigh! My hair reaches down to my chest (haha..thank you for correcting me Peiyi <3) href="">binosusume then you will see lots of different kinds of hairstyle she did.

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