Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So hello people!

I found out myself getting lazier on blogging these days.
What had happened to me? I ain't sure but I know I'll be fine. I'll be alright! :)

I have a question. Yes, so do you think my blog is getting bored and bored? I guess so but pardon me, I promise to motivate myself to blog more so I won't forget about all the things had happened in my life. I am afraid one day I will just forget everything about my life. *I think too much*

Guys, I'm getting fatter, you know? I've been eating supper these days. I need to slim down as soon as possible. =(

I'm sure people who know me or follow my twitter will say to me : "May, I've been hearing you said that you need to slim down as soon as possible for a year and a half." haha! That's true! I've been saying that sentence for more than a year. Perhaps, I need more motivation.

Believe it or not, I used to in 48 KG 3 years ago, but now, I'm in 56KG. Please help me to gain my motivation back. The motivation that I mean is the motivation to lose weight. :(

Maybe you will say that I want a lot of things these days, but I never try to pursue it. I never put any effort to get it. I don't have the courage, you probably will say that I'm lousy.

What I need the most is MOTIVATION now.

Oh yes, I want to get myself an iPhone 4 cos my iPhone 3GS spoiled. Probably, it's not really spoiled, it's just the casing has cracked. *heartache* :'(

I wanna have a short getaway, but due to the fully schedule of mine. I have no choice but stay in Singapore. :'(

Also, I have been thinking to create a new blog to write about the love story. Well, it might be not a real love story. I'm just interested in talking about love on my blog. :D
What do you think? Will it be interesting?
Do let me know your opinion! I'm really appreciated it. (:

I'll be very busy this weekends. Let's guess what am I going to busy with?
26th November - FUNaMANIA @ Zouk
27th November - Special Event (I'll prepare some foods for my group of friends - guess I will have to wake up at 4am) Don't worry! I'll blog about what am I going to prepare. Although it's just a simple breakfast but it's sincerely from me. (:
28th November - Childcare Painting @ Tampines

Enjoy your weekdays, it's 3 days to the weekends. It seems so long. Hmmm...
Take care and see you again soon!

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ken said...

it takes time to produce a creative post :)